Google Ads, a Feud, and a Barren Rock

Stories from the Canadian Press and Reuters report about how ads on Google are coming into play in a an argument betweeen Canada and Denmark over Hans Island, a barren rock near the North Pole.

“A quick Google search of “hans island” Wednesday revealed a paid advertisement with the banner headline: “Hans Island is Greenland. Greenland natives have used the island for centuries.” The ad was linked to a Danish government letter condemning a recent unannounced visit to the island by Defence Minister Bill Graham. However, the paid advertisement was not a Danish government initiative and whoever placed it was acting alone, said Poul Erik Dam Kristensen, Denmark’s ambassador to Ottawa. That didn’t stop one Internet expert – and patriotic Canuck – from striking back. Toronto resident Rick Broadhead placed a Google ad and said the Canadian government needs to get with the times.

Postscript From Danny: I thought a picture was in order. When Gary and I looked yesterday, we didn’t see any ads. Now they are back. Left side shows ads on Google Canada. Right side shows ads on
Google Denmark. No ads are appear on Google Denmark when I searched for hans ø, which I’m pretty sure is "hans island’
in Danish. I couldn’t seem to trigger any Danish-language ads in any way. Here are the ads as of 12:30pm GMT:


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