Microsoft Gets Temporary Restraining Order in Google Case

A Washington State Superior Court judge issued a temporary restraining order today barring Dr. Kai-Fu Lee from performing his duties as the recently appointed head of Google China.

According to the AP,

Superior Court Judge Steven Gonzalez granted a temporary restraining order barring Kai-Fu Lee from working at Google on any product, service or project similar to those he worked on at Microsoft, including Internet and desktop search technology.

In a statement e-mailed after the ruling, Google lawyer Nicole Wong called the judge’s decision “only a temporary measure to maintain the status quo and to give the court more time to fully consider the parties’ positions. “We are confident that once the judge has done so he will side with Google and Dr. Lee. Microsoft will not prevail in their intimidation campaign.”

No word on the Google’s countersuit in a California court.

A full text copy of the temporary restraining order is available here.

More in this report and this blog post from yesterday.

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