Daily SearchCast, July 29, 2005: Microsoft Wins Restraining Order Over Google Hire, Danish-Canadian Island Dispute Spills Into Google, Google Maps & MSN Virtual Earth Side-By-Side And More

Today’s Daily SearchCast covers the restraining order Microsoft won against an exec who went over to
Google, the Danish-Canadian dispute over an island that spilled into Google AdWords, a Google patent application on RSS ads, whether Yahoo "sandboxes" new web sites, a way to
see Google Maps & MSN Virtual Earth side-by-side, the Yahoo Yammy video awards and other items over the past day in search. Tune-in by listening to this
MP3 file, listening via WebmasterRadio at
11:30am Eastern and repeated at 2pm Eastern or via our Odeo channel. Below is more information and links about the stories that
were discussed.

Legal Fights

  • Microsoft Gets Temporary Restraining Order in Google Case has Microsoft with a first win in the dispute
    over their former exec Dr. Kai-Fu Lee who now heads Google China. He can’t do work for Google until at least Sept. 6 and potentially longer if it’s extended until a trial begins in
    January 2006.
  • Google Ads, a Feud, and a Barren Rock has a patriotic Dane saying small, barren Hans Island near the North Pole — a
    barren rock — belongs to Denmark via ads on Google, prompting a patriotic Canadian to fight back with his own ads. Danish SEW Forums moderator
    Mikkel deMib Svendsen and Canadian moderators
    , andrewgoodman and Jenstar
    are still said to be getting along despite the dispute and seeking to broker an agreement.

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