MyJeeves 1.2 Released

If you’re looking for something to demo this weekend, Ask Jeeves has just released version 1.2 of their MyJeeves personal information management tool.

Over on the blog, Samuel Nunez, offers an overview and also shares a few thoughts about tagging and folksonomies.

Nunez writes:

Having sat through half a dozen usability tests for MyJeeves, however, it is pretty clear to me that foldering is a more intuitive way of organizing, especially to those new to the exciting world of personal information management. Foldering may be clunky, but it’s how people think – at least that’s how they think today.

What’s new other than a the version number? Here’s a list of some of the new features.

  • “Tagging as Virtual Folders.” That’s what the blog calls it. However, I posted that an option to “passively” add tags to each MyJeeves entry became available almost four months ago.
  • Tag filtering page (search all items for a particular item)
  • Smart tag entry field with tag suggestion drop down
  • New bookmarklets
  • Ability to upload photos from your computer or mobile device.
  • Tagging of images

Barry has posted a look at a few of the differences between MyJeeves and Yahoo’s MyWeb 2.0.

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