Stats: Time Spent With Various Yahoo and Google Services

Bambi Francisco’s article: Why Google may need instant messaging offers a bunch of new and interesting stats from Majestic Research about Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Instant Messenger and Gmail.

  • Yahoo Mail accounts for 42% of Yahoo users’ online time
  • Yahoo Messenger accounts for 22% of Yahoo users’ time
  • Gmail captured 45% of all time spent on Google in June
  • Time spent on Google’s e-mail service outpaced that of Google’s main search function, which drew 90% of Google’s unique visitors in June
  • Yahoo Messenger attracted about 19% of Yahoo’s unique visitors in June and accounted for 23% of total page views
  • Time spent on Yahoo outpaced time spent on Google by more than 9 to 1, according to Majestic

Postcript: The Red Herring Article: No Time Lost on Search, has a bit more.

Google generates nearly all of its revenue from search advertising, but search accounted for only 21 percent of the time that U.S. visitors spent on its site during June, said Majestic Research. In contrast, 45 percent of the time was spent on Gmail, Google’s beta email service.

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