Get Cookin’ at Google

Let’s take a look at another example of Google’s genius for creating buzz.

Last December I posted that Google was looking for a new chef.

A few months later we learned that Google’s legenday chef, Charlie Ayers, was leaving the company.

So it has been eight months since Google began posting job openings for exec. chefs and they’re still searching (no pun intended) to find two the culinary geniuses to come to the Googleplex and begin feeding hungry Googlers. Who would have thought that finding great chefs would be so hard for a company with such amazing buzz (and stock options) like Google.

Well, it appears that traditional methods (help wanted listings in the usual places) to find the chefs have failed to this point and now Google is cranking its search up (again, no pun intended) by press releasing their new “worldwide search” and for two chefs. Finalists will particpate in a cook-off. The news is also on the Google Blog.

As I said earlier, they’ve been posting for these postition since December.

So what is today’s announcement and blog post about really? Yes, it’s a way of alerting people to the job openings but it’s also another great example of Google’s marketing, branding, buzz/publicity, reputation enhancing, and recruitment (not only for chefs) genius. I’m betting the cook-off itself will also get plenty of attention.

The blog post also includes a sample menu of what Googler’s eat for free. As Linden points points out:

Having the best perks in the industry magnifies this effect and likely is part of why Google has been so successful in poaching from other firms while avoiding losses themselves.

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