Factiva Launches New Service to Help Execs Measure Company Reputation

I thought I would toss this one up on the blog since the web and blogs is being more and more to measure reputation and buzz.

Factiva, a BIG name online info aggregator that offers poweful searching options (when needed) and full text access to thousands of newspapers, magazines, transcripts, and other sources has launched an online reputation tool today named Factiva Insight: Reputation Intelligence.

The service (fee-based) is aimed at the busy executive and utilizes the Factiva library of content along with web and blogosphere material.

Also worthy of mention is that Intelliseek will provide “consumer-generated” intelligence (the blog and web stuff) to Factiva. Intelliseek also provides the free and just enhanced Blogpulse service.

From the news release:

The content is delivered into an easy-to-use reputation analysis tool. The new tool uses subject-matter experts from the recently formed Factiva Reputation Lab? together with sophisticated text mining and visualization technologies. Graphical reports deliver decision-ready data from Factiva?s collection of 9,000 authoritative sources, including The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones and Reuters newswires, more than 11,000 Web sites and more than four million of the most active blogs and message boards. These reports illustrate the market?s perception of a company or organization, its brands, products, services and competitors.

Btw, at one point Factiva was set to partner with IBM and use Big Blue’s WebFountain technology to power a reputation tool. However, the deal between Factiva and IBM ended in early February.

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