New Services for the Mobile Web Geek

A couple of new/updated services I’ve found in the past week or so that might be of interest to mobile web users.

1) 4INFO is on the web with a redesigned version of their informational site. Also, 4INFO is now providing a version of the service for mobile web browsers at: The company continue to offer SMS access. A couple of new and what I would call “fun” lookups are available:
+ Drink Recipes
+ Pick up Lines (-:
+ Jokes
If you don’t have mobile web or SMS access, 4INFO provides an emulator to use their service on the web.

The Mobile Traveller
2) The popular site that has seating layouts for many airlines has a new mobile version at:

3) has just release a version of their comparison database for mobile browsers at: I found rates from most of the major rental companies.

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