Forget Static Satellite Images, How About Real-Time Satellite Imagery?

With everyone so in love with satellite and aerial imagery these days (Google Maps, Google Earth, MSN Virtual Earth, TerraFly, World Wind from NASA, and many others) it might be that the static aerial/satellite images that we’re using today are just a stepping stone to real-time and interactive imagery from space.

According to the article: Zoom with a view: your home from space, an Australian company, Astrovision Australia, will one day allow you to zoom into real-time imagery from one of of several satellites.

Note: AstroVision Australia Owns the exclusive license in the Asia-Pacific. More about Astrovision International here.

Of course, while the technology sounds very cool, the privacy issues are very overwhelming (understatement).

“You can even pick up things like the pollution from an oil tanker spill and watch it live. If you own a holiday house in Queensland and there’s a cyclone, you can see if the house is in danger – or if there’s a bushfire you can monitor it.” [Company managing director Michael] Hewins predicted that real-time, high-resolution images delivered over the internet, showing details such as streets and backyards, are just 15 years away – a prospect certain to raise privacy and security concerns.

The article points out that the company has talked with Google (who doesn’t talk with Mt. View?) but I wouldn’t doubt that they’ll be talking to other interested parties about partnerships. It’s also not hard to imagine one of many companies making an investment in Astrovision.

A quick look at the Astrovision Australia and Astrovision Internataional sites clued me into some additional info:

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