Yahoo Prepares LinkSpots Launch; Google May Expand AdSense Site Exclusions & Testing More “Signals” From Advertisers has two stories each with comments from Google and Yahoo about new contextual ad services either coming soon or in testing.

Article 1: Search Engines Target Contextual Ads

Key Passages:

Yahoo soon will roll out LinkSpots, which it began testing in 2003, to provide more relevant ads or links next to content on parts of its site. For example, Yahoo users who receive their daily horoscope might see an ad for a related service, such as Personal ads.


…Google may expand its site exclusion program in the future to let advertisers better target contextual ads. “Site exclusion today is limited at 25 sites. There are many more ways to offer more controls in the future,” said Brian Axe, senior product manager at Google.

Article 2: Google Tests New AdSense, AdWords Formats

AdSense is testing a program with a few publishers, letting them send more “signals” about their Web site, to better tailor ads. Though AdSense already uses signals based on the content of Web sites, such as headlines and font sizes, to generate ads, this would let advertisers tailor ads based on their users’ demographics and other signals, which are yet to be determined.

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