Early Release of Findory’s Personalized RSS Reader Now Online

One of the highlights of SES for me was being able to spend some face-to-face time with Findory’s CEO, Greg Linden.

Greg and I have chatted via email but had never met in person. He’s not only an interesting and thought provoking person (his thoughts about ease of use are points I think about and almost always agree with every time I do demos to non-search geeks) but Findory and many other small companies and developers continue to do interesting, innovative, and important work in search and information retrieval. I think it’s crucial that their innovations get the notice they deserve. Greg has agreed to do an interview for the SEW SearchCast in the very near future.

One of the topics we’ll talk about is Findory’s just released (beta) web-based and personalized (suggesting articles of possible interest) RSS reader. It’s a very early release but Greg says to look for more features (including the ability to add/important any feed) in the next few weeks.

From Greg’s blog post:

On the left, you’ll find favorite feeds with new articles are in bold and suggested other feeds listed below. In the middle, you’ll see articles from the feed with recommended and new articles marked. On the right, you can read recommended articles from other feeds, an easy way to discover new news sources and articles.

But, wait, there’s more. If you have at least three Favorites, you can see recommended stories from all your feeds combined by clicking “My Top Stories”. Perfect for quickly surfacing the most interesting articles from your favorite sources.

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