Searching for Movie Reviews with the Movie Review Query Engine

Philipp’s post today about searching for movie reviews with Google reminded me to post about a wonderful specialized (OK, vertical) movie review database that I’ve been using since it launched about 12 years ago.

If you’re into movies and/or reading film reviews (both new and old films) the Movie Review Query Engine is an essential resource that makes finding and accessing a constantly updated stream of reviews written by hundreds of both well-known (NY Times, Ebert, etc.) and independent, web-based reviewers, quick and easy. Searching is basic but I did notice that the site will soon relaunch with new features. Stay tuned. Searching is as simple as entering a title or using the pull-down menu located directly below the search interface to search a pre-built list of films. Results pages contain direct links to reviews and, if available, the actual rating (stars, letter grade, etc.) next to the source of each review. Results pages can also be sorted alphabetically, by popularity, or by rating. Each film title (at the top of a results page) is hyperlinked to the home page for the film. Kudos to Stuart Clamen for providings such a useful, interesting and fun resource.

Postscript: If you only want to search film reviews published in the NY Times, this interface is available. Included is free access to all reviews published since 1960 along with reviews of many classic pre-1960 films. Btw, The NY Times also offers free searchable access to all book reviews published since 1996. They also offer free access to all theater reviews since 1996 as well as “other selected shows” back to 1905.

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