Feedster Launches Top 500 Blog List

Sure to fuel upset among those not listed and joy for those who are, Feedster has launched a new Feedster Top 500 list of what it
considers the “most interesting and important blogs.”

Well, more accurately, the rankings appear to be heavily based on which blogs get the most links, though over what period links are counted (a day? a week? a month?) and
where (only in feeds? only in feeds Feedster sees? links from across the entire web?) isn’t said on the list itself.

A press release reveals that some time period is taken into account, though what isn’t said.
Freshness is also apparently a factor, and “non-blogs” have been dropped. That probably wipes out Slashdot, which I’ve never consider a blog but which often makes other lists.
“Professional news sites” have also been dropped, though plenty of the blogs I see are just as “professional” as news sites but because they were born of being blogs, they get
a free ride. Engadget tops the list and is pretty much a “professional news site” in my book.

A quick skim shows that among search-related blogs, John Battelle makes it at 139, the Yahoo
Search Blog
ranks 197 and Barry Schwartz’s Search Engine Roundtable squeaks in at 500. We apparently suck and don’t make the
list at all.

Then again, perhaps Feedster sucks a bit. I mean check this
out. There’s Feedster picking up our Atom
feed that we don’t list on our site but do publish for those who go looking — and for whatever reason, that feed isn’t showing as having entries according to Feedster since
late July (it does, matching our regular feed in freshness, actually). Feedster’s also picked up another feed we had out in November, published probably accidentally and never
put on our site. What it doesn’t list is our actual main feed URL, despite me having claimed this. I know
Feedster has it in the system, but I suspect they don’t count it properly in some way.

Postscript: Via Threadwatch, Feedster’s Scott Rafer
says on his blog that links are counted over time (I take that to mean all time) but
only blogs with actual posts in the last seven days get ranked.

Postscript 2: Gary notes the quality content on entry 191, which looks to exist only to grab search engines through
keyword stuffing. From the latest post:

Finding a New York lawyer is a pretty tricky task. The mental attitude of most New York is naturally very aggressive. This requires a New York lawyer to be
even more forceful than lawyers in other parts of the country. This stereotype can be seen all over the media, in television shows and movies that show a high powered New York
lawyer. While many non-New Yorkers are quick to assume that this stereotype is false, if you were to ask a New York lawyer if there was any truth to it, they would probably
say that there was. Despite the fact that a New York lawyer will almost surely be more aggressive than a lawyer from a different city, there are still certain things you will
want to look for when searching for a New York lawyer.

The content is topped by Google AdSense ads and has all the feel of the WordPress spam that got booted
back in March. But perhaps Feedster’s top list has a good feel on the blogosphere, considering the continued rise in blog spam for search ranking purposes.

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