Google Registers “Movie” Related Domains

For you who track newly registered domains from Google, here are two more for your list. Sometimes, new domains can signal new services in the works, enhancements (Google already offers movie reviews and showtimes). Other times, Google registers a domain to simply keep others from registering it.

Late last month Google registered:


These domain names along with variations (with hyphens, plurals, etc.) were registered in several tld’s. I tried most of the new domains earlier today and they’re not presently live.

Quick Comments and Some Google Speculation
I’m wondering when Google and Yahoo will begin offering more/some movie ticket purchase options directly from their showtime results pages both on the web and via their SMS service? Presently, Google offers a ticketing option if the theater utilizes the service (web only). Yahoo Movies also offers a direct link to purchase tickets for theaters that use the, the service. I was unable to find any links on an showtimes listings page to purchase tickets. To whom it may concern: it sure would be great to have one place to go and find links to purchase tickets from any theater.

Is Google building a standalone movie info site to go head-to-head with AOL’s Moviefone? Will Google partner with other services or begin their own ticket service? What about Yahoo? Might online ticketing be another revenue stream for G or Y? Will Google or Yahoo eventually go up against IAC’s Ticketmaster for a piece of the lucrative ticketing business? Finally, when will Gogle and Yahoo begin placing local advertising on showtime results pages? Ads for local resturants, bars, etc. placed next to this info would sure seem to make sense.

More about the movie review and showtime info services that Google launched in February, here.

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