Google Rumored To Launch Instant Messaging Tomorrow

Google to Deliver Instant Messages from the Los Angeles Times has unnamed
sources telling the paper that Google will launched an instant messaging service called Google Talk as early as tomorrow. Aside from IM, the tool would also offer voice chat
similar to what Yahoo Messenger currently offers.

Google’s said to have been testing the service for at least a month. Google confirmed to the LA Times that it had a new product to release this week (when don’t they?) but
declined to say if it was Google Talk was the product.

The New York Times yesterday wrote that "Google executives" said they’d unveil a "communications tool" on Wednesday but not exactly what that would be.

Brad Hill points to a Neowin
post about the domain has been spotted. Using a Trillian IM client, the domain was
found to be waiting for IM connections using the Jabber protocol. Nathan at InsideGoogle has
comments, as does Dirson
and Threadwatch.

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