Share Your Search Results with Jeteye

Are you ready for some Jetpaks?

Jeteye, a new shared search service, launches in beta today. The company’s founder, David Hayden, told Media Post:

“Until now, searching the Web has lacked the power of intuition,” said Hayden, also Jeteye’s CEO. “We have built an industry-compatible platform that marries computing algorithms and human thought, allowing users to access Jetpaks created by a social network of individuals who have found and created new online information.”

What’s a Jetpak?

For example, a U2 fan can create his own U2 Jetpak or search for another member’s U2-devoted Jetpak, which may or may not be amendable. Either way, U2 fans within Jeteye’s community can learn from each other’s shared searching experience. Companies are also encouraged to create their own branded Jetpaks to share and participate in the Jeteye community.

Creating Jetpaks is relatively easy although better documentation would help. However, I wonder if they’re too much work (and time) for the typical searcher aka the non-tech geek. Only time will tell. I do think Jetpacks might have a place in the education community where a professor can list and annotate links for students to read. The same is true in the workplace where a company researcher could Jetpak together competetive intelligence info for their boss. Of course, other services like Yahoo 360 allow users to do many of the same things. Nevertheless, competition and choice are good things.

I created a Jetpak named “SEW Test” today. Here are a few things that I noticed about the service.

  • Jeteye provides results from Google (default), Lycos, MSN, Ask Jeeves, and Wisenut.
  • Image searching is also available and provided by Ditto
  • PPC Advertising (via Ask Jeeves) on web results pages, Jetpaks do not show advertising
  • Clicking a box next to each result adds the title/description/URL to Jetpack
  • Also possible to manually add/edit any URL/Title/Description to Jetpak
  • Link descriptions come from what’s listed on search results page but can be easily edited
  • Tags can be assigned to Jetpaks
  • Creator can decide if other users can edit/add to their Jetpack
  • Jetpaks can be shared publicly and/or e-mailed to contacts
  • Other Jetpaks can be included in other Jetpaks
  • Jetpacks are searchable. Note: Your searching metadata NOT the full text of the pages included in a Jetpak
  • Caching pages that are saved in a Jetpak would be useful since content can change so quickly. Currently, this service is not provided.

  • Coming Soon: IM, text message or RSS notification of jetpaks sent to you and similar notification if someone adds to your Jetpak(s)

More about Jeteye in the story: Firm Debuts Search Results You Can Share.

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