Google Launches “Google Talk” IM Client With Voice Calls

No longer rumor, the Google Talk instant messaging service from
Google debuted today. Got a Gmail account? Then you can begin instant messaging via Google — or do voice conversations, as well. Don’t have Gmail? There’s a new signup via
text message system in place to help you along.

New Google Talk Offers Instant Messaging & Voice Chat from me and Gary is today’s SearchDay article
that delves into the new service, looking at how it takes Google further down the portal path but a path it pretty much needs to walk to stay competitive with rivals. We also
look at how the new tool isn’t in the "blow you away" style of some past Google offerings, unless you feel the voice quality of calls is as good as billed. We haven’t done
enough testing to put a stamp of approval on that.

There’s also a handy comparison chart on how the tool stacks up against some of the competition in terms of features, along with more information. Check out the story!

Want to discuss or comment? Visit our forum thread, Google Talk Instant Messaging Live!

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