Yahoo Video: The “Super” Network

The September issue of Wired is out and it features a very positive article about Yahoo’s video search efforts focusing on the development of the Yahoo Media Group in Santa Monica and the work of Bradley Horowitz, senior director of Yahoo’s Technology Development Group. Jeremy Zawodny is also mentioned in the article as the person who got MediaRSS going. More in the Wired article: The Super Network.

Btw, before Horowitz joined Yahoo he was the founder of Virage (now part of Autonomy). If you’re interested in some cool and even useful demos of Virage’s search technology, you’ll find several on the PBS site. One allows you to keyword search and view online most segments of the PBS NewsHour back to 2001. Here’s a list of links via my ResourceShelf site.

For more on video search, see: A Look At Other Video Search Tools.

Postscript: A small “technical” error. In the article, you’ll read:

Think of trying to find a book in the Library of Congress with no database, no card catalog, no Dewey decimal system.

What’s the problem with that sentence? The Library of Congress does not use the Dewey Decimal System to classify materials. They use Library of Congress Classification (LCC). LCC is used in many large libraries in the US and elsewhere. Also, when searching by subject in any library catalog your not searching on classification numbers (Dewey, LCC, etc.) but on verbal subject headings, Library of Congress Subject Headings. More on subject headings and classification here.

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