Google As The New Evil Microsoft

I wrote back in May that Google was coming under more and more attacks from those who see it as
Microsoft-like, but that this wasn’t a particularly new theme. It’s been going on since at least 2002, as my post in May explained.

Relax, Bill
Gates; It’s Google’s Turn as the Villain
from the New York Times looks again at this theme of Google as the new Microsoft — with perhaps the fear and worry that people
have about Microsoft now being assigned to Google.

It surveys a number of execs in Silicon Valley worrying about Google thinking it can go into any area and dominate — and perhaps being right in that assumption. The buy-up
of talent is also said to be hurting other start-ups. Here’s a thought. Try starting up in a less expensive place than Silicon Valley!

Aside from the cost issues, the threat of Google lurking out there definitely has search start-ups having to justify why they think Google won’t stomp them to a bloody
pulp. That’s not to mention that beyond Google are Yahoo or MSN, both of which have plenty of might themselves and happily buy up talent. For Google’s part, it says it’s
"sensitive" to concerns and sees the "Silicon Valley ecosystem" as critical for its success.

I’m not kidding when I say this stuff has been going on for years, by the way. If you’re a Search Engine Watch
, check out the list of articles here.
The Web, According to Google from BusinessWeek and
The Google backlash from Salon, both in 2003, are just two examples.

Want to comment or discuss? Visit our forum thread, NYT On Google As The New Microsoft.

Postscript: USA Today published a similar take on the theme on Aug. 30, Google: The next Microsoft? Noooo!. Expect more articles and columns like this to follow.

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