Copyright Material Still Showing Up In Google Video

When Google Video first launched viewable content in June, we posted (as did many others) about viewable copyrighted material that was quickly found in Google Video. The other day I went to look to see if this type of content was still as easy to find and if new copyrighted material was being uploaded and made viewable. The answer is yes. In a matter of minutes I was able to find lots of material that still is most likely copyrighted.

Here are a few examples:

+ Saturday Night Live “Cow Bell” Sketch with Will Farrell and Christopher Walken
Uploaded July 24, 2005
Note: Very Funny Stuff!

+ A Mad TV Skit
Uploaded June 17, 2005

+ Triumph the Dog Interviews Bon Jovi (Conan O’Brien)
Uploaded July 1, 2005

+ Beatles Video
Uploaded August 3, 2005

+ A Scene from The Muppets Show
Uploaded June 30, 2005

+ Hogan Vs Undertaker (WWE)
Uploaded April 30

+ NCAA Basketball
Uploaded April 30

+ Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder) on David Letterman (Top 10 List)
Uploaded June 30

I’m surprised that certain words in the titles of these files and other metadata supplied by those uploading the files wouldn’t trigger someone at Google to take a closer look before the material was made available.

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