Google Licenses Some Technology to Power Google Talk

So, did Google license any technology to help power Google Talk?

A story from Norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten (via their English desk), and this news release, point out that some of the technology Google is using to power the audio portion of Google Talk comes from Stockholm-based, Global IP Sounds.

The article goes on to say:

According to Hermansen over 200 million users had downloaded the new Google program, and that this would help GIPS technology to become the industry standard for high-quality IP conversation.

That 200 million number seems a bit (-; high. However, the news release makes it clear that 200 million downloads of various types of Global IP Sounds are in the marketplace. If you’re wondering just how many people downloaded/used Google Talk yesterday, I’ve asked Google for the number. Let’s see what they have to say.

Postscript: Well, I tried. I asked for a download number but did I get one? Nope. Surprised? Not at all. A spokesperson told me that Google was unable to share the info.

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