Feed Migration To FeedBurner Complete!

The transition I wrote about earlier of moving our feeds to
is now complete. If you’ve received this message in your newsreader, then the feed is working fine for you. If you’re reading because your feed went dark and
you came to the blog to see what happened, drop me a note, and I’ll see if we can figure out what

All five feeds Search Engine Watch has are now being managed through FeedBurner. What are these?

  • Search Engine Watch Feed
  • Search Engine Watch Blog Feed
  • Search Engine Watch Forum Feed
  • Daily SearchCast Feed
  • Search Engine Strategies Blog Feed

You can learn about each of these feeds in more detail on our Search Engine Newsletters & Web Feeds
page. It explains what each feed offers, has direct links to the feed addresses plus buttons to add feeds to many popular services.

I’ve also added FeedBurner “chicklets” that show the number of estimated readers for each of our feeds, except the SES feed. I haven’t got tracking fully set on that yet.

Our main SEW feed is our oldest — started back in 2003 — and most popular with over 18,000 readers. The SEW Blog feed is almost a year old and has just over 3,000

Until now, I’ve had no real estimate of traffic to the feeds as well. I’ll explore more about how FeedBurner does these estimates and share more stuff in the coming weeks.
But in short, I’m loving it.

Aside from counts, I can also now tell how people are accessing feeds. There are interesting differences. Our main SEW feed is one of My Yahoo’s top picks — and as a
result, nearly half of our SEW feed audience reads through My Yahoo.

In contrast, our SEW Blog feed is listed with My Yahoo but not on their short list of recommendations. Without that oomph, My Yahoo makes up much less of our readership for
the feed, just over 15 percent. That’s still a great amount, but Bloglines leads the pack, sending us 35 percent of our readers.

The SEW Forum feed flips things around again. My Yahoo is again on top sending us about 32 percent of our readership, while Bloglines follows at 23 percent.

Our Daily SearchCast feed is barely a month old, but what a difference in readership you get when doing podcasting. iTunes readers make up 30 percent, followed by Bloglines
at 15 percent.

We’re hoping we’ll also see Odeo readers rise, as our channel became a featured
this week. That’s more than doubled our listeners at Odeo, bringing us up to 29 when I last looked.

If you haven’t tried it, check it out. It’s a pretty cool service. And don’t forget to subscribe to us. I want to crack the top 40
and need about 140 more people to get there!

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