Enhancements Made to Yahoo Mail Search

I’ve been a Yahoo Mail user for several years and have had no problems using the basic search tool that has always been available to find material in email messages sent to me. That said, I’ve also been hoping that Yahoo would add new functionality to their email search tool. Several stories including: Yahoo to improve search in Web mail service, from IDG News Service along with a post on the Yahoo Search Blog point out that beginning today Yahoo is “gradually” rolling-out several new search and refinement options for Yahoo Mail users.

My Yahoo Mail account hasn’t been updated with the features but when my account is updated, this is what I’ll find:

  • Attachment Search
  • Find keywords not only in email text but also in attachments.

  • Dynamic Search Refinements
  • Results get broken down into five categories: Senders, Folders, Attachments, Message Status, and Date.

  • Photo View and Attachment Views
  • Quickly see photos and attachments associated with your results set.

As soon as gain access to these new features and I have some time to test them out, I’ll post my reactions on the blog.

Btw, I’ve been running a test for nearly a year to see how many messages I could fit into my 2GB account. Presently, I have nearly 70,000 messages in various folders (many of them full text press releases) and have used only 32% of my 2GB space allotment.

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