New Parodies: Google Meets South Park, Plans To Destroy Information & More

A five-fer on the Google parodies front for you today, a sure sign that its the summer holiday period and people have too much time on their hands. Overview? Google falls
into the South Park universe, a Google Purge plan to wipe out what can’t be indexed, a funny top-five list of real reasons behind Google Talk, a fake, funny TV commercial to
pitch Google Maps and building new offices on the beach.

GooglePark: Scoble Goes To Google at the Channel 9 forums has Microsoft blogvangelist Robert Scoble
paying a visit to Google done up as a clever episode of the South Park cartoon series. He meets up with Larry and Sergey, who have an unhealthy obsession over information. A
trip to Google Moon reveals Alien (as in the movie) sales reps are behind Google’s growth, leading Bill Gates to demand that Microsoft develop its own sales aliens.

Spotted via Google Blogoscoped, Google Announces
Plan To Destroy All Information It Can?t Index
over at The Onion covers a new “Google Purge” plan that has Google declaring that the best way to help organize information
is to destroy whatever it can’t index. “Book burning is just the beginning,” said Google co-founder Larry Page, in the parody article. Give it a read.

Meanwhile, spotted via Threadwatch, JupiterResearch analyst Joseph Laszlo’s
Top 5 Reasons to Launch Google Talk ranges from “Larry and Sergey got tired of yelling
across the office at one another” to the hilarious “Wanted yet another communication channel via which to refuse to talk to CNET.”

Over at the blog of Google’s communications chief David Krane, Google TV Campaign? links to this
archived version of a QuickTime file where some male strippers end up at the wrong place —
a pitch that maybe they should have used Google Maps.

Still need more? The Onion’s fine, but Gray Hat Search Engine News will keep you going with a steady stream of Google parodies.
Check out the Googlers with sand pails building new offices.

A personal plea to the other SE’s is also a brief note from the site wishing that the other search engines would do things
to be parodied. Hang in there, Gurtie — I’m sure there will be plenty coming around 🙂

Feel you must comment or discuss these parodies? Suppress that desire and move on to more productive activities. OK, start a thread over at our
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