WashingtonPost.com Gives Bloggers Link-Love

WashingtonPost.com has teamed up with Technorati to add links alongside news stories on the WashingtonPost.com site to blogs that link to that story.

For example, in today’s editorial, “The Great Flood of ’05” (reg. reqd.), there’s a box that reads “Who’s Blogging?” with links to a few blogs that refer to the story.

It seems like this accomplishes a few things, from an advertiser’s perspective:
1. Adds value for readers, so they’ll keep coming back. Obviously, that’s good for WaPo advertisers.
2. It gives bloggers a reason to link to WaPo to have the chance to get a WaPo link. That’s potentially good for the blog’s advertisers, and for WaPo advertisers, who’ll see additional traffic from the bloggers’ sites.
3. It positions WaPo as a blogger-friendly media source, potentially bringing in more bloggers and blog readers, a group which studies have found tends to spend more time and money online. Again, that’s good for WaPo advertisers.

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