Google Loses Another Employee To Odeo; Yahoo Gains Nokia Guru

Some employee shifting news, this time someone from Google’s Blogger service jumping over to Odeo plus Yahoo gaining a noted Nokia employee.

Dirson notes that Biz Stone from Google’s Blogger has jumped ship
to the Odeo podcasting service (which I find pretty cool and hope to do a longer review shortly). Evan Williams, cofounder of Blogger, started Odeo after
leaving Google last October. Stone explains his reasoning
here, saying:

Blogger is hitting a high note right now in more than one aspect with lots of cool stuff to work on over the next year. It’s been awesome here at Google and I’m going to
miss working with such a great group of people….

Odeo was officially founded in December of last year and recently announced funding. There’s already an awesome group crowded into that little San Francisco office and I
figured if I wanted to play, then now is the time. So I looked into it and Williams told me I have a face for Odeo. Well, not in so many words but you understand. There’s lots
of potential here and I’m excited about doing my part to help see it through. I’ll miss working with my Google friends but I look forward to shaking things up and, er, making
some noise at Odeo.

Meanwhile, Russell Beattie notes that Yahoo has gained Christian Lindholm, who he says
is the "father" of the Nokia Series 60 an Navi-key UI. He’ll be VP of global mobile products. Lindholm shares more on his blog
here, including his three reasons for going to Yahoo:

  • A perfect blend of content and communication

  • Yahoo being well positioned for expected growth in the next generation of the web

  • Yahoo really wants to "crack" the mobile internet nut

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