The Wall Street Journal Tackles Blog Search

Last week, Chris published an excellent roundup of weblog/rss search tools in SearchDay. Today, it’s the Wall Street Journals turn to dive into the weblog/rss search business with the article: New Search Engines Help Users Find Blogs.

Engines featured include:
+ Technorati
+ Ice Rocket
+ Blogpulse
+ DayPop
+ Bloglines

Three other engines that I use, Blogdigger, Waypath, and blog search from Findory are not mentioned in the article. I also use PubSub (not mentioned in WSJ) and while it’s not a search engine like the others, this “matching engine” does a good job (and getting better) of keeping me up to date with new postings of interest. A real timesaver.

One other point. Some of these engines offer access to much more than weblog content because they index feeds from various sources that don’t come from blogs. Btw, what is a blog? Do all blogs have feeds? Are all feeds from blogs?. I’ll readily admit that calling them “RSS Engines” is not a good idea since so few people know what RSS is. However, I think it’s time to come up with a better name. “Current Awareness Engines” comes to mind but that might also be to complex for some. I think users also appreciate some guidance between what a news engine offers vs. what they’ll find from a blog engine since many news sources also provide feeds. I would also appreciate if these tools offer some guidance about what content they index and what content they don’t.

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