SES San Jose 2005 Coverage Wrap-Up

There was a ton of news out of our Search Engine Strategies show held last month in San Jose. I’ve been collecting links of various stories, for the
rundown below. There’s probably stuff I’m missing — I still have some catch-up reading for what came out during the week of the show itself. If I see more as I work through
that, I’ll do a second wrap-up.

  • New SEM Tools From SES San Jose from Pandia covers the many tools presented during our SEO/SEM
    Toolbox session. There’s a great round-up, so check out the list here.

  • The New World of Search from Kevin Lee at ClickZ gives highlights of what
    he found from the show, especially looking at changes in metrics used to measure the effectiveness and impact of search.

  • SearchTHIS: SES Part Deux from Kevin Ryan at iMedia Connection is the second part of his
    coverage of the show, touching on things such as the keynote talk with Ask Jeeves CEO Steve Berkowitz, MSN’s new paid ads program. There’s a first part, I’m sure — but I
    couldn’t find a link when looking around!

  • How Motley Crue Saved Search from Harrison Magun
    at MediaPost touches on "booth babes" at the show’s exhibition. I don’t run the expo side of thing, and my understanding is that the sales team that does recommends that
    exhibitors do things in good taste. Nevertheless, some think sex sells. That’s too bad — and in fact, it’s downright stupid for an industry that’s so heavily represented by
    women. The SES NYC expo center a joke? thread on our Search Engine Watch Forums looks at this issue in depth, a discussion that came up
    after booth babes were a feature of one exhibitors show there.

  • Chris Pirillo was running around with his mike interviewing people for The Chris Pirillo Show.
    Interview with Ask CEO Steve Berkowitz (On Location),
    Rebecca Lieb on ClickZ (On Location),
    Brett Tabke on Webmaster World,
    Jill Whalen on Search Engine Optimization (On Location) and
    Search Marketing Experts (On Location) are some of them. Chris caught me at the
    New York show, if you’re curious: Searching for Danny Sullivan (On Location).
    What cracked me up the most about talking to him was that I didn’t even realize it was Chris until after it was over! Honestly — I’d only seen his cartoon on the site and
    thought it was someone for his show interviewing me, not him. We had a good laugh when I asked him to please say ‘hi’ to Chris and he said, "I am Chris!" There’s even more in
    his archives from SES San Jose and SES New York earlier this year. Thanks, Nick, over at
    Threadwatch, for spotting some of these.

  • How many publishers are really being suspended from AdSense? over at
    JenSense looks at the Auditing Paid Listings & Click Fraud panel where — through an unprecedented degree of cooperation between Yahoo and Google — we finally had reps from
    both services on the panel. Thank you both, Google and Yahoo! As you can see from her review, she felt it made things much more balanced and useful.

  • (Almost) Live from Search Engine Strategies: Beyond ROI at SearchViews
    reviews a panel on how to get things out of search beyond ROI, such as linking into offline sponsorships or creating brand association.

  • Coverage of SES San Jose: Search Engine Q&A On Links,
    Coverage of SES San Jose: Earning from Search & Contextual Ads,
    Coverage of SES San Jose: Search Algorithms, The Patent Files and
    Coverage of SES San Jose: Favorite SEO Tools are all reports from Stephan Spencer, over at his blog.
  • Quick SES San Jose 2005 Session Coverage Recap has Barry over at Search Engine Roundtable summarizing all
    the session that he and his team — yes, he’s got a team now — covered live out of the show. While the regular Daily SearchCast took a break during the show, Gary was doing
    some live podcast coverage of his own on August 9 and 10, which you’ll find listed here.
  • Live SES San Jose 05 Session Coverage at our SEW Forums has links to the same coverage Barry
    and gang (thank you all!) did. They posted in both places, the forums and Search Engine Roundtable — but the forum threads may have further discussion and information about
    the various sessions.
  • WebmasterRadio.FM our official and much loved conference podcasting company was busy. I just did a show wrap-up with them.
    You’ll find it here, along with the pre-show…ah…show!
  • Google Dance, Yahoo Search Night Off & More Parties At SES San Jose 2005 and Ask Jeeves to Rock SES with The Dan Band
    provide an overview of some of the major parties that happened at the event. I went to them all and had an excellent time. The search wars have spilled over into the
    entertainment from, and from enjoying fast access to rollercoasters at Marriott’s Great America thanks to Yahoo, an outstanding rocking performance by the Dan Band
    courtesy of Ask Jeeves, and good food and good times rockin’ at Google, everyone including myself had a blast.
  • Google Dance 2005 are pictures put up by Google of its annual Google Dance party.
  • Google, webmasters dance to music of different drummers is an AP write-up of the event which
    I’m going to comment on more separately. I’ve seen this before — the manipulators being invited to Google. Yeah, some — and a lot of the people who are also powering
    the revenues behind search. Any way, more on that down the line.
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