WebPosition 4 Released

Long-time rank checking and page analysis tool
WebPosition is out now as WebPosition 4.
Haven’t seen any reviews yet, from the company press

, here’s what looks to be new:

  • Redesigned “dashboard” of reports showing metrics on paid and organic
    listings, as well as trends.
  • What looks to be a new “Keyword Visibility Index” showing a site’s overall
    visibility for all of its targeted keywords and search engines.
  • Link popularity and site search engine saturation reports (number of pages
    listed in a particular search engine, for a particular site)
  • Simpler integration of keyword ranking data from the
    WebTrends web analytics tool, also
    offered by the makers of WebPosition.
  • 60 new search engines supported for organic listing analysis, taking the
    tool to support for over 200 search engines worldwide. Paid listings such as
    those from Google AdWords, Yahoo sponsored search, Miva, Kanoodle, Enhance
    Interactive and others can be checked with WebPosition Professional.

The standard version is $149 and the professional version is $389. You can
compare editions
. Upgrade info is
here and pricing

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