On Designing a New Yahoo Home Page

Via Geeking With Greg, an interesting BusinessWeek interview titled: Building Yahoo’s New Front Door, with Larry Tesler, the UI design guru who joined Yahoo in May after working at both Apple and Amazon.com. Tesler chats about his design philosophy and developing a redesigned, clutter-free Yahoo.com home page that is developedslowly, “bit by bit.” A new home page is good news for Yahoo since the current Yahoo home page is a very frequent reason people tell me they don’t like the service. Of course, there is another solution that’s already available but not mentioned in the interview. Yahoo’s clutter-free and customizable home page at search.yahoo.com. Tesler goes on to tell BusinessWeek that he doesn’t want to “lock” people into using only Yahoo when they come to the site.

From the interview:

We don’t want to be a walled garden where you come to Yahoo and can’t leave. We love it that people spend 13% of their time on the Yahoo network by choice. We’re not trying to lock them in there. But each property within Yahoo wants to make sure it’s getting traffic links from other places — and one that it would obviously consider important is Yahoo’s front page. Because of that, we do a lot of collection of usage metrics. What drives traffic to different areas? And what is the most effective use of the front page? We can’t really make a couple of square inches of front page be everything for everyone. We make some choices based on that objective data.

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