Yahoo Hires Journalist As Media Company Begins Producing Its Own Media

Chat From the War Zone
from the Los Angeles Times looks at Yahoo’s recent
hiring of journalist Kevin Sites and how it marks a move by the media company
into actually producing more of its own media, rather than partnering with other
players. Smart move or not? To me, at a time when Google is showing weakness as
being off target from search, Yahoo expending resources and time for an even
more non-search effort like this might be a weakness, rather than a strength.

Moreover, it just feels like a conflict. Is your job to help organize
information or produce your own information? If it’s producing your own, then
how and when do you decide to show information from others. Will Yahoo News
eventually be content produced by Yahoo’s own reporters? Should it be that way?
Will it be more a blend, where Yahoo has its own staff supplemented by
"web/wire" results in the way newspapers and other news organizations operate?

I don’t know the answers, but the further both companies get into the
non-search waters, the further I shake my head in disbelief that maybe we really
are back in 1998 and maybe we really could see a "new Google" walk in with a
pure search focus and grab some audience share.

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