Mobile Search Done By Few, But Still Popular Mobile Internet Activity Overall

How’s search as a mobile internet activity?
Utilitarian Life of the Mobile Internet
at ClickZ cites stats saying it’s
the third ranked category in the US for June 2005 according to
Telephia, behind email (done by 4.8
percent of mobile users) and weather (3.9 percent). Search is done by 2.9
percent of the mobile audience. As you can see, all categories have a small
number of the 191 million estimated mobile internet users doing anything — but
when they do go online while on the move, search is strong.

Most likely category of users to do mobile search? Those aged 35-41 (32
percent). OK, that’s the most likely category to do email and weather, as well,
suggesting to me they’ve got tech savvy plus the money to spend on devices and
access. But interestingly, search is the most likely mobile activity by 18-24
years olds over others, including email and weather.

Most popular mobile search site? Google, with 2.1 percent of the mobile
internet audience reach. Yahoo comes next at 1.4 percent. But Yahoo Mail is the
second most popular destination overall at 2.4 percent, and Yahoo Driving
Directions makes the list with 1 percent reach.

The ClickZ article has all the charts; original charts and details from

(PDF file).

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