Pokemon Meets Advertising Week?

Fond of advertising spokes-characters and slogans? Collect all 52! That’s the idea behind a digital trading cards game cooked up by Yahoo! and Digital Allegiance in honor of Advertising Week 2005.

Each card portrays a classic brand icon — such as Charlie the Tuna or Juan Valdez — or a slogan, like “Just do it” or “They’re Gr-r-reat!” Players can collect the cards by visiting sponsor Web sites, by answering quiz questions about brands, and by inviting friends to join.

The idea is to get users “as young as 8-years old, as well as adults” immersed in the “fun” of Advertising Week (taking place the week of September 26 in NYC).

Do people love advertising this much? Now, I’ll agree they feel positive about brands and they will accept ads in exchange for free content, but I can’t imagine folks eager to collect digital cards that represent McGruff the Crime Dog and the Morton Salt Girl.

But what do I know? Seems the organizers hosted a similar trading card game last year, and around 100,000 people registered.

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