Gates Talks Google

Bill Gates sat down with CNET for an interview today about a variety of topics including web search and Google. The complete interview is posted here.

Here are a few quotes from Bill Gates:

On API’s

Our search API is way better than their search API. Clearly, they are working in that area. They haven’t done as much on the server piece. They had a Google server, but it was very bad at corporate search.

On Organizing all of the Worlds Info

…they have this slogan that they are going to organize the world’s information. Our slogan is that we are going to give people tools to let them organize the world’s information. It’s a slightly different approach, based on the platform-ization of all of our capabilities and not thinking of ourselves as the organizer.

On the Honeymoon Period

You do me-too Google Talk, and it’s a big deal. But we had our honeymoon phase, and it was fun from maybe 1985 to 1995. And we’ve had lots of competitors in their honeymoon phase. But I’d say, in some ways, this is the biggest honeymoon I’ve ever seen.

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