Awesome UC Berkeley Class On Search & Webcasts Available

Marti Hearst, a professor over at UC Berkeley, has put together an fantastic
line-up of speakers for her
Engines: Technology, Society, and Business
class. I love the topic, because
I’ve wanted to see so much more of this type of study of the impact of search on
society. I’d hoped to make it out to California again next month and perhaps
take part myself, but my schedule wouldn’t work. The good news for anyone is
that Marti’s doing webcasts of the classes. John Battelle found time to talk
yesterday in between being slammed with radio interviews for his new book The
Search (it’s
excellent, FYI — Chris has a review coming, and I’ll blog a few comments as
well, likely tomorrow). Use the class link above, and you’ll find a link to his webcast, a past one that Marti did and future ones to come.

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