Microsoft Email On Employee Loss To Google & Sneaking Lee In The Back Door

Google exodus feared early on, e-mail reveals
from the Seattle Times passes
along two tidbits out of the recent Google-Microsoft fight for Kai-Fu Lee.
Microsoft has been worried about Google gaining its employees since at least
March 2004, when the leader of MSN’s search team wrote an email called, "Losing
people to Google — and a potential solutions." Sorry, what was actually in that
email wasn’t released to the public, but high-ranking execs up to Bill Gates
took part in the discussion from it. And also, to keep things quiet about Lee
coming over, Google brought him into a remote building on the campus with a
private entrance and no receptionist for his interview. Hmm — I didn’t know Google had many
remote buildings. They’ve all seemed pretty close to each other to me. But
getting past a receptionist is easy for any employee with a key card.

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