Missing Persons Meta Search from Louisiana Tech University is a meta search tool that scours 10 databases that contains the names of people missing after Hurricane Katrina devastated the gulf coast. was built by a computer science faculty member and five grad students at Louisiana Tech University.

From a news release:

Noting the site’s user friendliness, [Professor] Leangsuksun said, “Simple is beautiful.” The group agreed. “If a name is not found in our database, the user is directed to another link. From there the user just has to click,” Limaye said. “We wanted the people to have fewer difficulties.” The site combs numerous databases of sites containing lists of evacuees. Users can also register their information with the site. In some cases, the Web site provides locations of where the victims evacuated to and an update on their safety.

We’ve posted links to other missing people meta search tools here, here, and here.

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