Checking If You’re Banned On Google

Now that you know how to get reincluded in Google if banned, thanks to minty
fresh advice
from Google’s Matt Cutts, how do you know if you’ve been banned at all? Some

  • You could read all the information that Marcela De Vivo wrote up in the
    With Search Engine Penalties
    article in SearchDay last month.
  • You could
    hope (or pray that you don’t!) that you get one of the new "you’ve been
    banned" emails that Google is
  • You could try
    a new tool I spotted via
    SEOmoz that tries to report if you’ve been banned. It sees if you have pages
    coming up via the site: command in Google. If not, that’s sometimes a sign
    you’ve been banned. It also uses a second method to check if you’ve been
    banned, though exactly what this is isn’t documented. There’s a thread about
    the tool here, but
    really doesn’t cover the second method.

In the end, the
very best way would be if Google provided a ban checking tool of its own. The
current test of sending banned notification emails provides a glimmer of hope
that this might come. Google’s rejected such things in the past, but recent
discussion between Matt and I
and others at Threadwatch suggests perhaps it could happen.

Want to discuss? Visit our forum thread,

Google Testing Ban Notification — Could New Webmaster Tools Come?

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