Can We Declare Automated Comment & Link Posting To Be Bad?

This week, search engines and blog software vendors are
meeting again for
a second “summit” on fighting blog spam. That’s tipped me over the edge for
tossing out a related proposal to search marketers and marketers in general.
We Agree Automated Comment & Link Posting Is A Bad Thing?
has the full
details in our Search Engine Watch Forums.

In short, I explain that unlike some other
debates over
what’s spam or what should be acceptable in search marketing, inserting content
and links into other pages through automation just doesn’t seem a defendable
practice by anyone. Indeed, even “black hats” get annoyed by it.

So as an industry, or a community, could search marketers unite to say “No!”
on this practice? Lots more explanation and thoughts are covered in the
, plus the ability to vote and chime in with opinions. Please stop by.

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