Upcoming Search Conferences & Stuff

Over at our Search Engine
Watch Forums
, we’ve added a new calendar at the bottom of the home page
listing various search and search marketing-related conferences coming up. You
can also jump to the calendar

Included are the dates for the upcoming WebmasterWorld
PubCons this month in London and next
November in Las Vegas. Our SES
event next month in Stockholm, in November in Paris and Chicago in December are
also shown.

Debra Mastaler and Eric Ward, two of our regular SES speakers, are also
having a special seminar on link building next month in Charlotte, North
Carolina. More about that here.

Jill Whalen, another regular SES speaker, is also having her next search
marketing seminar in November in Philadelphia. More on that

These latter two events aren’t on the SEW Forums calendar because we’re
keeping that mainly large, non-seminar style events or organizational meetings.

See also our
SEM Related
Organizations & Events
section of the forums where anyone can post about
upcoming events. Some of these will begin to move to the calendar, but not all
of them.

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