Google Adds Google Print Testimonials Page

Google has added two new pages to the Google Print portion of their site.

The first page offers testimonials from users about how wonderful the Google Print service is. The second page offers a compilation of press mentions about Google Print.

It’s important to remember that Google Library project (now heading to court) is only a part of the total Google Print service. In this post, I do my best to explain what’s what. Danny comments here.

I’m wondering when we might see some new features from’s Search Inside the Book (SITB) program. Like Google Print (not Google Library) SITB allows users to search and read a selected amount of content (as determined by the publisher) from new books. Btw, I noticed today that Chris Sherman’s new book, Google Power and John Battelle’s, The Search can be searched and previewed via Amazon’s SITB. I was unable to find either book in the Google Print database.

Finally, did you know that you might have access to services that allow you to search, print, and read the full text of new books online? Unlike Google Print and SITB there is no limit on how much you can read. More about a few of these services in a postscript here.

Postscript: Google also has pages of user testimonials for Gmail, desktop search, Google Answers, Picasa, web search.

Postscript 2: I Just noticed that Google has also posted a page with info for authors.

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