Diller Says Ask Jeeves Will Rebrand as Ask.com

Thanks to SearchViews and SEOBook for pointing us to The Street.com article: Diller Sacks the Butler. It reports on comments made today by IAC/InterActive CEO, Barry Dillerm about the future of one of his newest employees, Mr. Jeeves. According to Diller, Mr. Jeeves will be out of a job as the company mascot when Ask Jeeves rebrands itself as Ask.com. That’s right, the new name of Ask Jeeves will be Ask.com. Diller did not provide a specific date as to when Mr. Jeeves will be unemployed.

We’ve been awaiting word of a new name since Diller made comments about a possible rebranding in May of this year.

I think a new name can only be good news for the search engine. Why? Sure, people know the name Ask Jeeves but as I said on the Searchcast today, everytime I bring up the name Ask Jeeves in a search training session, people look at my like I’m wasting their time by mentioning it. They associate the name Ask Jeeves and the mascot with what it once was, a bad search engine. They have no idea that in the past four years the product has become an increasingly valuable search and research tool. Hopefully, new branding and marketing will help convince the masses to take another look.

Diller also told attendees at an investment conference today that he wants to integrate Ask into other IAC/InterActive properties like Ticketmaster and Match.com. Last week I blogged about a bit of IAC synergy with the new Ask Gift Finder that uses a database from Gifts.com, another IAC property. Finally, Diller told the audience to look for Ask.com to expand into the China search space next year.

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