Mobile Access + Local Search + GPS

A new article from Tech turns phones into back-seat drivers, reports on a presentation at Demofall today of the Destinator Anywhere Server. It along with personal versions of the product allow mobile searchers to use their GPS enabled phone or mobile device to find and access info based on where they’re located.

Essentially, the technology is a mix of services like Yahoo Local (which provides comprehensive listings of local businesses and attractions) and mobile phones incorporating GPS…When the Destinator service is instructed to look up, say, a sushi restaurant in some specific town, it interfaces with Yahoo Local and comes up with a list of choices. When the user selects a choice, the service creates a map and proceeds to direct the user to the sashimi, speaking out the directions as they drive.

You can learn more about Destinator here. Darn, it’s presently not available for my Treo 650.

You’ve got to think that with the massive amount of interest in both local and mobile search these days, Destinator and companies offering similar types of technology would be ripe for acquisition by some of the large web search players.

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