Googlers Tapped To Forecast Launches

Putting crowd wisdom to work
on the Google Blog covers how the company uses
its own staff as a predictive market to forecast things like launch dates for
products, office openings and other things of "strategic" importance to Google.
Apparently it works pretty well, though there’s not really near enough details
to tell. At first, I thought it was a far more interesting idea that Googlers
might actually have to bid against each other to determine who gets to next
launch their pet project when there are upteenmillion going on. But the idea
that Googlers might contribute in this way to help shape when and where the
company goes in particular directions still sounds kind of cool. What would be
really cool is if people outside Google could play.

Postscript: Sure, Google may have a fancy-schmancy forecasting tool,
but it also has the big master plan white board where Googlers contribute to
what the company should do, as well. We wrote about that before in the
The Illustrated
Google Master Plan
. Niall Kennedy has just

a new shot of it. I keep forgetting to take my camera and fully map
it out properly. Next time!

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