Websoured Executives Fired

Via Threadwatch,

Websourced fires 2 executives
from the News & Observer covers how the
company has fired two senior vice presidents, after writing of $1.4 million in
bad debt.

An analysis into the business continues by parent company Think Partnership
continues, the article says. The debt was caused by small companies signing up
for one year contracts but refusing to pay because they had too much "success"
in the first few months, the company says. The clients themselves, however, are
also blamed for not having enough "dedication" to achieving "sustainable search
marketing results."

Websourced recently
lost its vice
president of search marketing Andy Beal and had a planned acquisition of Proceed
Interactive get
called off
. This follows after
of other firms and some prominent search marketing speakers and
writers. Threadwatch also has earlier discussion of Websourced problems here,
Rumour: Websourced being Raided
by Dept of Revenue

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