Silicon Valley Search SIG Has First Meeting, Talks Audio Search

I’ve been meaning to write about SDForum’s Silicon Valley Search SIG since
Robert Scoble
it earlier this month. The new group just had its first meeting,

Audio Search: Selling Picks & Shovels at the Podcast Gold Rush
. Yahoo’s
posted a summary
on its search blog today, pointing at the end to even more summaries. Audio of
the event is promised to come via several of the podcasting search vendors in
attendance. The group sounds great for anyone in the area. I always feel sorry
for those not in the middle of Silicon Valley who can’t take part in these
things, however. Want to hit the next one? The group sadly lacks any type of
decent home page that I could find. It does have a mailing list, and you can
sign-up or read archives
. A next event in October on vertical search is being

Postscript: The group has a blog now here.

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