Time Warner Keeping AOL

Via Threadwatch,

Time Warner Head Says AOL Is the Company’s Future
from the New York Times
covers how Time Warner sees AOL as a key asset for Time Warner to improve,
suggesting that it’s not going to sell some or all of it to MSN. We do
know that MSN
and AOL have been talking. That’s not a surprise. Next month is the earliest
date I can
that the Google deal to power AOL’s search may expire. MSN would obviously like
to grab that audience share as a way of further enticing advertisers over to its
new ad system that’s slowly being
rolled out.
Naturally, Google would love to keep that business and will be making all the
right overtures to AOL. You can also expect Yahoo will be talking to try and
gain back an important traffic source it lost to Google years ago — and Ask
Jeeves will be doing some talking, as well.

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