Google Testing Remove Results Feature

Google’s testing a new option letting a small percentage of people remove
results they don’t like from their own personalized search results. This will
only happen if you’re logged in and using
Personalized Search
. In other words, see a page you don’t like? You can
block that page from coming back. It only will impact the personalized results
you see — not the personalized results of others or general results that anyone

Whether it will be released to everyone will depend on how the experiment
goes, Google says. Whether the data might be rolled out to being used more
broadly for regular, non-personalized results also remains to be seen, I’m told.
It’s just gone live about an hour ago.

See also the

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for a detailed look at how a similar feature operates on Yahoo. Yahoo provides
more info on this (it’s in My Web 1.0, not My Web 2.0,

Postscript: Google’s Matt Cutts has posted more info about the feature
over here.

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