Miva UK Launches Algorithmic Search

Miva has rolled out a new algorithmic web search functionality to its distribution partners in the UK, powered by Fast Search & Transfer. Miva says that the new offering provides site inclusion and exclusion lists as well as the ability to blend search results to create a mix local and global content.

FAST still doing algorithmic web search? What about the non-compete agreements it signed when FAST sold AlltheWeb to Overture in 2003?

You may remember AlltheWeb, a great search engine that for a time competed head-to-head with Google. FAST sold AlltheWeb to Overture for $70 million to focus on its enterprise search business. Today AlltheWeb is essentially just a front-end to the Yahoo algorithmic search index.

FAST sold the AlltheWeb site to Overture, not the underlying crawler technology it used to develop the search engine. FAST has maintained and improved this web-crawler technology ever since, powering dozens of specialized web search services in both public and private implementations, including U.S. government portal FirstGov.gov, Italian regional search engine Virgilio, and others.

The choice of FAST as an algorithmic search partner makes sense for Miva, avoiding potential conflicts for customers that would arise with a Yahoo, Google or MSN powered web search. More information about MIVA’s algorithmic web search for distribution partners is available here.

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