IAB Report: Search Ads Account for 40% of Ad Sales During First Half of 2005

Via a thread in the Search Engine Watch Forums, news from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PriceWaterHouseCoopers about online ad spending in the first half of 2005.

From a ZDNet article:

As of June, advertisers had spent $5.8 billion to place ads online this year, a 26 percent increase compared with the first six months of 2004, according to a new report…Overall, search ads accounted for 40 percent of Internet ad sales, in line with last year, the group said. Banner ads and classified listings were the next-biggest ad categories, attracting 20 percent and 18 percent of the spending, respectively.

This IAB news release offers a bit more. The complete report will be available via the IAB web site next week.

Last year, Danny noted that contextual advertising, which he doesn’t conisder search advertising, was included in the search ad total. I can’t spot anything in today’s news release that shows that this fact is any different this time around.

It’s very likely that Danny will post some analysis of these numbers in a future blog entry but I thought they were worth getting out asap.

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